All terms and conditions, features, support, pricing and service options subject to change without notice.


1. Retail credit rate applies to qualified swiped Visa/MC/Discover network transactions.

2. Online credit rate applies to all qualified keyed Visa/MC/Discover network transactions that have verified addresses.

3. Most rewards, corporate, business, and special card types are are considered non-qualified transactions.

4. All Visa/MC/ Discover network transactions that do not meet the requirements listed above will be charged the non-qualified rate of 3.50%.

5. Flint Mobile only accepts to Visa and MasterCard. Currently Discover and American Express are not accepted.

6. Accounts processing through Virtual Terminal, Gateway, or the Payline Mobile Gateway will be charged an additional $0.10 per transaction cost.

7. Regulated debit cards processed include +$0.10/transaction.

Card Network

The following card organization fees will be passed through to the merchant at the then current rate: Visa - Assessment Fee of 0.11% of gross volume Misuse Fee, Zero Floor Limit; MasterCard - Additional Assessment Transactions (0.01% on transactions > $1000), Processing Integrity Fee, Interregional Account Status Inquiry, Intraregional Account Status Inquiry; Discover - International Processing Fee, International Service Fee.


MOTO and online transactions made with rewards cards will be billed listed rates plus an added pass through rate of 0.11% for Card Network Assessment fees.


Effective April 1, 2012, Visa began charging a Fixed Acquirer Network Fee (FANF) which is a monthly fee that will affect all merchants to a varying degree. Learn More.


Are there additional fees for International transactions (in store or online by a United States based merchant involving a card issued by a bank outside of the United States)?


Yes. But we pass these costs directly through. The applicable charges you may see are (0.85%) for Visa credit cards, (0.95% to 1.35%) for MasterCard credit cards and (0.95%) for Discover cards. Details are listed below:


Visa: These are an International Acquirer Fee (IAF) of (0.45%) and an International Service Assessment (ISA) fee of (0.40%). Here is Visa’s brief online statement about the ISA fee. The IAF fee increases to (0.90%) for high risk merchants (Merchant Category Codes 5962, 5966, and 5967).


MasterCard: The first is the Acquirer Program Support Fee of (0.55%). The second is the Cross-Border Assessment (CBA) fee. This is charged one of two ways. A “Domestic” CBA fee of (0.40%) applies to U.S. acquired transactions paid for with a card issued outside of the U.S. and settled in USD. A “Foreign” CBA fee of (0.80%) applies to international transactions settled by U.S.-based merchants in a currency other than USD. Here is more information on MasterCard fees..


Discover: The International Processing Fee of (0.40%) applies to U.S. acquired transactions paid for with a card issued outside of the U.S. TheInternational Service Fee of (0.55%) applies under the same circumstances as the International Processing Fee noted above.



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